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TnuiCapital is committed to protecting the privacy and security of users to our site. Viewing our web site is done without the requirement to provide personally identifiable information. There are instances however, that in order to provide requested services we need to collect information about you, the user, to adequately fulfil the service requirements.

This privacy statement explains how that data will be collected and used in those situations.


Collecting Personal Information will only request personal information that is deemed relevant to properly provide a service. Generally this information will be in the form of your name and e-mail address if you are requesting service or quotation details from us.

For example: If you wish to correspond with TnuiCapital over e-mail we will require at the minimum your name and e-mail address in order to correctly fulfil the request. makes use of an electronic mail to complete such requests. As part of the process we will require details from you relevant to your specific circumstance. This will generally involve the provision of telephone and address data as well as information applicable to the financial posision of the client and type depending on the service required. In certain circumstances more specific company information may be required to allow us to fulfil transactions under trading laws.

Personal information will only be collected in situations where it is deemed necessary to adequately fulfil the request of users, or to provide an efficient service to our users. does not make use of third party services out side of those provided by the Internet Hosting Provider (IHP) to facilitate our internet presence. Information requested by us relating to any financial information will be conducted outside of the processes of this website. No data leading to an online financial transaction is asked or implied through the site.


Information collected through, will fall under the rules outlined in this document.

Use of your Personal Information respects the privacy of the user's information entered into the web site. The information collected by will only be used for the reason for which it was originally collected.

Personal information provided to will not be re-distributed, sold or revealed to any third party individual, group or organisation under any circumstance unless required to so under the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. respects the data protection laws of other countries and the rights of individual users. Information held by is done so under the Data Protection Act 1984 (Rev 1998) laws of the United Kingdom. does enlist web site statistical monitoring to collect information on visitor numbers and other such statistical information. This information is used for internal purposes only.
In the vast majority of all conceivable scenarios this information cannot be used to uniquely identify you, the user unless you engage in direct correspondence with us through the systems available on the web site.


For Example: Information on a user's IP Address is collected to allow a total of unique visitors who have visited the site to be recorded.

All information logged for statistical purposes is periodically deleted without notice.

Control and Access to your personal information

If at any time you, the user, wish to know what Personal Information holds about you, you are welcome to contact us to request access to this information. We will provide information only to a user who can adequately prove that it is their information to which they are requesting access.

There may be a small administrative charge for this service. reserves the right to deny access to information if it is not satisfied that the request is legitimate.


Under such circumstances the user is entitled to submit a formal request to TnuiCapital personally or through legal representation questioning the decision for denying access to information. Such applications should be submitted via postal mail only.


Information that is deemed important to the personal security of the individual user will under no circumstances be supplied to any persons, groups or organisations except if required under the laws of the United Kingdom. This information includes, for example details of contractual obligations, business and transaction records and any information on private clients.


Security & use of Cookies is committed to ensuring the safe use of your personal information. does not currently make use of cookies on its site.
As such disabling the use of cookies in your Internet browser, or using W3C privacy measures will not affect the use of the internet site. does not collect any personal or general statistical information using cookies.

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