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Information Technology Services

IT is the capital of your business

Modern business relies on IT to an extent of such ubiquity that often we do not even realise it is there. Yet because of this, it is often hard to see when your IT is hindering the agility of your business and your responsiveness towards market changes.

Often the true value of IT assets is not realised, investments fail to produce the promised returns and IT capital fails to meet expectations. TnuiCapital IT can re-evaluate the way you use IT in your business and implement the right changes to make your IT assets work for you and the evolving needs of your business, delivering tangible returns against your IT investment.

Auditing, analysis, training, upgrades or advice. TnuiCapital IT can bring significant industry experience and professionally certified analysts right into the heart of your business to investigate, design and implement cost effective, next generation IT solutions that complement and enhance you existing business processes.


How TnuiCapital Information Technology Services can help

Our specialists have a proven track record in delivering robust, enterprise class, cost sensitive solutions in some of the most important and often under developed areas of IT development.

  • Support and Capacity Planning
  • Enterprise Desktop Solutions
  • Server Farm Development
  • IT system, network and data centre Capacity Planning
  • Internet, Intranet and Extranet development
  • Teleworking and out of office enterprise access
  • Web, Internet, Intranet and Extranet service development
  • Process redesign
  • Paper to Digital Process Conversion
  • System redundancy, failover and backup planning
  • IT Policy development
  • IT procurement
  • Training and development of workforce and IT support practitioners
  • eCommerce and eCommerce systems integration
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